Self Employment Does Not Discriminate

Self employment does not discriminate….it is an option for everyone.


Self employment is not something most individuals think of when they consider a means of earning a living.  This is understandable as the American education system trains its students to be reliable, productive employees.  The teachers are employees and have little if any exposure to self employment.  Most parents are employed by other people.  And all of us pay little attention to what must really go on in the many different places offering services and products for sale.


Self employment is a learned skill that can be developed by anyone.  With the right support the door to self sufficiency is open to any and all.  Every new business owner does need a support group to provide information and encouragement.  It may be family, friends, other business owners or organizations like SCORE.


What does an entrepreneur look like?   They come in every size, shape, age, cultural and racial dimension.  They are able bodied and not so able bodied.  They are everywhere.  An appropriate group for self employment is the veteran returning from the conflict in the Middle East. 


The returning veteran is discovering the employment landscape has changed since they left for military duty.  They have changed as well.  Their understanding of their skills and expectations are changed from what may have been present before their military commitment.  These are young men and women ready to build a future.  Self employment is an option supported by the Veteran’s Administration and Chapter 31 approved business development organizations.


Getting started with a business idea means contacting resources supported by the Small Business Administration (SBA), a VA Center or NEBA’s Business Development Center to obtain the information required to start the process.  As goes the saying, “there is something for everyone”, you have to find where you fit. The first step is writing a business plan.


The business plan is the foundation of starting a business.  You will discover what the proposed business looks like, how it will run and how much money it might  make over a five year period.  The plan provides a look at the perspective business owner’s skills and special talents that make the business a possibility.


The current state of the economy is historically proven to have the positive conditions necessary to start a business.  The consumer’s mood in general is to buy local and support the small business owner.  This practice is beginning to be considered a matter of national security. 


Whatever the motivation, at the individual level or within the general population, self employment is an option that provides independence and “employment” opportunities.