The Spirit of Giving

Giving can take on many forms.  One may give another a material gift or else something intangible such as a compliment.  Perhaps a person may  give the gift of a smile or a pat on the back for a job well done.  There are many who wish to give something back to a person or organization that has made an impact on their lives, and many who give without the knowledge that they are even doing so.  Giving is a natural part of living and we all take part in it on some level.

With the holiday season upon us we begin to think of gifts to give to our loved ones.  We try to capture their essence in the gifts we select and hope that the gifts will bring smiles to their faces.  We feel joy when a gift we gave is well received and that in itself is a gift from the recipient.  The giver and the recipient both feel happy because of the gift .

Every day people give each other  compliments for many reasons.  Perhaps a person is dressed nicely or maybe they did really well on a project.  Compliments are yet another way to give.  They put smiles on people’s faces which in turn are gifts to the person who gave the compliment.  Even something so small as a smile or a pat on the back can be enough to turn a person’s day from dark to light; yet another way to give a gift.

For so many of us the need to give back to either a person or an organization is strong. At NEBA we are touched daily by our co-workers and those we support.  We may choose to give back to them in any of the ways above mentioned.  We feel the need to show them how much they mean to us and whatever our method of doing so we are giving them a gift.   Likewise we might feel the need to give back to an organization which we feel deserves credit for what they do.  We may choose to volunteer or make a donation to show our support.  We acknowledge their positive presence within our community and support their mission.

Giving is a way to make not only the recipient happy, but also the giver.  It can change a persons day and remind them that they are cared for.  Giving is a true expression of gratitude and we all have something to be grateful for.


Valley Gives

On 12/12/12 our community will come together for Valley Gives.  We need you to join us!

What is Valley Gives?  It is 24 hours of unprecedented LOCAL non-profit giving-and it’s your chance to make a real difference, right here in our community.

There are many great organizations that make the Pioneer Valley an amazing place to live and work.  If you love helping people realize their true potential, then we hope you will consider supporting New England Business Associates on Valley Gives Day.

By showing your love for NEBA through Valley Gives, you will help sustain an organization that works each day to ensure that individuals with disabilities have an opportunity to gain meaningful employment and experience life more fully.

Please participate in this great event by marking 12/12/12 on your calendar with a note to visit


Thank you

Thank you…….


To be thankful…a state of gratitude and relief

 The presidential elections are behind us and we may be considering how the outcome affects us.  Because we live in a country where the rule of law prevails, political transition is hardly noticed.  The roads are available for use, in most cases at no direct cost. Communication lines are open.  We can watch TV, talk on the phone and use the internet.   For many countries this might not be the situation after a national election.  The threat of a post US election coup is not the norm.

 Our sense of security comes from our democratic tradition….thank you


Many of us are getting ready for the winter weather ahead.  For most of us that means getting the winter garments out of storage, putting up the storm windows and doors, piling up wood for heat.  Most of us are sheltered with some level of comfort and warmth.  We have the convenience of running water and indoor bathroom facilities.  Going to the grocery store to purchase what we need or want is a regular event.

 The US economy allows many to have a quality life …. thank you


To those who have limited or no access to the benefits of this country, there are organizations dedicated to assisting others in obtaining the basics of life.  At this time of the year they are working harder than ever to provide heat, food, clothing, as well as shelter to many who are unable to provide fully for themselves.  It is this non-profit sector of the economy that continues to give hope and a future to many individuals.  This is the time to assist these organizations so they can continue to provide for our neighbors in need during the cold months of winter and throughout the year. 

 “If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich.” 

JFK, 1963                       

 To assist others in their time of need is an opportunity to grow…….thank you


The national holiday of Thanksgiving is a collective “thank you”.    Enjoy the holiday and consider your gifts.