Overcoming the Urban Myth about Social Security Disability Benefits

Do you worry that if you go to work to earn additional income that your Social Security (SSA) disability benefit will be stopped?

 If you go to work while receiving SSA disability benefits will your medical coverage stop?

 What happens when you reach retirement age?

 What is “Ticket to Work?

 Have you discussed your concerns with others who receive SSA disability benefits and been told all of your benefits might be lost?

 Do you work and not declare your earnings because you are afraid of what might happen to your SSA disability benefit if you do?

 Well, here is the real story!

 Every SSA disability benefit paid is unique to the person receiving the disability benefit.  If you discuss your worries with someone receiving SSA disability benefits and they tell you their experience, it is not what will happen to you.  Why? Because your SSA disability benefit situation is totally different from theirs in many small but unique ways.

 So how can your find out what your unique situation is?

 Remember, your disability benefit is two parts:  monthly income and medical or health insurance.  Each of these pieces is affected differently when a person receiving disability benefits returns to the work place and earns income.  Earning income allows a person receiving disability benefits to begin the process of becoming self- supporting.  This may mean saving for a home, retirement, education or starting a business.

 Returning to work often means the disability stops being a major daily focus. The individual starts to develop a more rewarding life style. The opportunity to develop the basis for a better retirement is possible, both in savings as well as receiving a higher SSA retirement benefit. 

 If you are receiving SSA disability benefits, or know someone who is, discussing the specific SSA disability benefit may be the game changer for a better life.  Contact your area’s Certified Work Incentive Counselor (CWIC).  These individuals are trained to analyze each individual’s special situation and determine what changes might occur to the SSA disability benefit if that individual returns to work. Because your SSA benefit is protected information, you have to sign a release to work with a CWIC.  Contact your local SSA office to find the CWIC in your county.

 Good Luck!                                                                                       

 Colleen Moynihan  



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