Valley Gives 2014, Where will you donate?

Valley Gives 2014, Where will you donate?.


Valley Gives 2014, Where will you donate?

A car accident can forever change your life. In 2011, a month before the accident an 18 year old was named crew chief of a landscaping crew. He had moved away from his family to start to build a life for himself. He hit an earthen embankment at 45 miles per hour breaking his back in three places, placed in a coma for two months, and given a 2% chance of survival. He overcame unsurmountable odds and learned how to walk and talk again. He made a decision that he wanted to support himself and not rely on disability income to pay his way in life.

This individual came to NEBA in April of 2012. His physical limitations on lifting were a barrier to his dream job of owning a landscaping company. With the help of NEBA, he identified that he would like to work in food service. After learning interviewing skills, resume writing skills, and assistance with transportation, he was hired at a major University earning more than double his disability income. He now lives with his girlfriend, helping to raise her son, and volunteers at a local animal shelter.

This NEBA participant has overcome the barriers his disability put in front of him. He no longer identifies as someone with a disability but as an individual with abilities.

NEBA assists people like him to enhance their quality of life through employment, post-secondary education, and community inclusion.

On December 10th, 2014 New England Business Associates will be participating in Valley Gives 2014. This is the third year that the Community Foundation has hosted this event and NEBA’s third year participating. We are looking to make this the most successful Valley Gives Day so far and would like your help in achieving that goal.

What is Valley Gives?

Valley Gives is an innovative e-philanthropy event to support local nonprofit organizations via a centralized, web-enabled and mobile giving platform: Valley Gives reaches out in unique ways to encourage donors to invest in the nonprofits that are the fabric of our region.

Why choose NEBA for your donation?

  • NEBA is the leader in individualized employment of people with disabilities.
  • More than 400 people with disabilities and other barriers annually in their quest to find and retain employment.
  • Over the past 12 months, NEBA has assisted 121 people find new employment opportunities in their communities.
  • NEBA participants have a 93% employment rate.
  • 28.6% of people with disabilities live below the federal poverty line.
  • Working increases income, self-esteem, and adds to the tax base.
  • NEBA participants in the past 12 months have the potential to earn more than $1.675 million.
  • NEBA participants in the past 12 months have the potential to add more than $356,000 in tax base.

Unemployment Rate

People with disabilities: 12.3%
People without disabilities: 5.5%

Labor Force Participation

People with disabilities: 20.1%
People without disabilities: 68.5%

How can I help?

On December 10th go to and make a tax deductible donation.

For each $20 that you donate one of our job seekers receives one hour of support in finding employment in their community.

Thank you for considering NEBA for your donation on December 10th.